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Pneumatic actuator Torque table is revised. (토크테이블 개정)

Pneumatic actuator's Torque table is revised.

공압 구동기의 토크 테이블이 개정되었습니다.


*Model range: AD/AS/RD/RS series 

*New version table has AIR to OPEN torque of each spring option.

*Torque table has new torque data because of design change.

*Products are the same as before. Only table is changed.


*해당모델: AD/AS/RD/RS 전체 시리즈

*각 스프링의 Air to Open 토크 표기

*설계변경에 따른 새로운 토크 데이타

*제품은 동일하며 테이블면 개정되었습니다.



AD: http://www.kosaplus.com/links/[8]to_ad.pdf

AS: http://www.kosaplus.com/links/[8]to_as.pdf

RD: http://www.kosaplus.com/links/[9]to_rd.pdf

RS: http://www.kosaplus.com/links/[9]to_rs.pdf

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